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Listen in as Aimee & Carly discuss horror, sci-fi, and thriller films that are currently available on your favorite streaming sites.

Ep 120: The 80’s Were Weird! ‘Pieces’ & ‘Motel Hell’

February 25, 2019

Hey there Lovelies and thanks for joining us for episode 120 of Final Girls Horrorcast! This week The Girls are joined by Modern Horrors founder Luke (The Juke) Rodriguez and filmmaker Jake Parker to close out ‘The 80’s Were Weird Month’. This week's 80's films up for discussion were 1986's 'Pieces' & 'Motel Hell' from 1980.

Trailer Trashtalk: ‘The Haunting of Sharon Tate’ - to be released on April 5, 2019

During our final segment... we chat with Jake and Luke about their coming film 'God Country'

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On next weeks episode…
'Personal Shopper' & 'Velvet Buzzsaw' both currently streaming on Netflix