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Category: TV & Film

Listen in as Aimee & Carly discuss horror, sci-fi, and thriller films that are currently available on your favorite streaming sites.

Ep 219: ‘Saint Maud’ and ‘Sputnik’

August 19, 2021

Hey there Lovelies and welcome back for the 219th episode of Final Girls Horrorcast! On this episode The Girls are discussing ‘Saint Maud’ and ’Sputnik’ (both streaming on Hulu).


Trailer Trashtalk: We Need to Do Something (September 3rd)


Next Week -
IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY!! Come celebrate with us as we give awards to the movies that we’ve covered this past year.

This last seasons movies can be viewed here: 

Letterboxd Link: https://boxd.it/d5DFq 


Awards are as follows:

- Keep you Up at Night (scariest film)

- Most Fun

- Strangest Film

- Creepiest Villain

- Creepiest Child

- Snooze Award (most boring)

- Edge of Your Seat Award (most exciting)

- Biggest Thirst Trap (Actor: no gender)

- Final 'Human' (character: no gender)

- Pea Soup Award (grossest)

- Underrated

- Most Forgettable

- The Peen Award


Then we will discuss our Top 5 and Bottom 5 films for the year.