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Category: TV & Film

Listen in as Aimee & Carly discuss horror, sci-fi, and thriller films that are currently available on your favorite streaming sites.

Ep 27: Listener Request Part V: “The Dead Lands” & “Bone Tomahawk”

March 30, 2017

Join the Final Girls for their last installment of Listener Request Month. This week Aimee & Carly are joined by friend and listener Xavi to discuss "The Dead Lands" (available to stream on Netflix) and "Bone Tomahawk" (available to stream on Amazon Prime). They also answer some listener questions; talk about Xavi's band "Polish"; Carly's trip to the WB lot; and how Aimee loves Shudder.

Trailer Trashtalk Segment: "Phoenix Forgotten" U.S. Theatrical Release April 21st

On Next Weeks Episode:
"Street Trash" (Amazon Prime)
"The Greasy Strangler" (Amazon Prime)

ALSO! Xavi is in a rad band called "Polish" (not to be confused with Polish)
You can check out their music here: