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Category: TV & Film

Listen in as Aimee & Carly discuss horror, sci-fi, and thriller films that are currently available on your favorite streaming sites.

Ep 29: Witchy Women “The Love Witch” & “The Craft”

April 20, 2017

Welcome back for yet another episode of Final Girls Horrorcast! This week the Girls stagger through "The Love Witch" (available to stream on Amazon Prime). Then the they get giddy and relive their childhood while discussing "The Craft" (available to stream on Netflix).

Trailer Trashtalk Segment: “A Dark Song” U.S. Release April 28th

Final Girls Social Media Question of the Week: The Girls read some listener responses to the question... "If you were a witch or a warlock what would be the first spell you would want to learn?".

Watchahead for Next Week: "Pet" (Amazon Prime) & "10 Cloverfield Lane" (Amazon Prime & Hulu)